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This page covers complexity fees & specialty fees, as well as basic ideas of what I will and will not draw.

DISCLAIMER: I want to make clear upfront that I will not draw anything that implies, symbolizes or otherwise instigates hate towards a person or group(s) of people. This includes but is not limited to sensitive topics or scenarios that may be considered offensive or hurtful to particular ethnic, political or religious groups, as well as the LBGTQ+ community. Furthermore, I will not engage in any political propaganda whatsoever. Certain images deemed "patriotic" may be considered so long as there are no harmful undertones present. Make no mistake, I largely oppose censorship and defend your right to personal beliefs and free speech/expression. I however wish for my artwork to remain relatively uncontroversial and to keep my page a safe haven of tolerance and acceptance. Thank you for your understanding.

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There's a lot I will and will not draw. There are certain properties that I will charge extra for, based on percentages, rather than flat fees. Percentages add up if your commission falls under multiple categories, and the total is then applied to your base commission price. If you choose to add any flat priced options (such as additional characters, flat colors, etc.) they are added to the baseline price before any extra percentages are applied. Quick note: Any art commissioned of my own personal character(s) will not carry any additional fees (excluding possible complexities involving the background and/or posing). This includes adult-oriented content, should I accept it!

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There are certain features that can make your commission more complex, and therefore more time-consuming. Below you will find examples of common complexity fees, but do note that this list is not all-encompassing.

The following carries a "complexity fee" of 25%:

Lack of reference: If you are unable to provide good visual refs of your character, then a complexity fee will apply. I also may choose not to accept your commission.

Alternate versions: If your commission requires that I paint different versions of your character in the same posing and scenery (such as a nude/clothed version), there will be an added complexity fee.

Non-mammals/Exotics: Any critters with feathers, exoskeletons and/or scales generally involve more detail and are outside of my comfort zone/personal preference. Irkens are the only exception to this rule.

Tatoos/Complex markings: If your character has any tattoos or complex markings such as spots/stripes or scars/injuries, the complexity fee may apply.

Complex background: If your scene requires the use of complicated perspective lines, such as that of an indoor environment or otherwise technical architecture, the complexity fee applies.

Armor/Mechs/Weapons/Vehicles/Props: Any inorganic props or shapes to be used in your piece will carry a complexity fee (this includes robotic limbs).

Detailed Clothing/Attire/Accessories: Things like chains, complicated jewelry/piercings, glasses, lace, ribbons, bows, etc. may carry a complexity fee.

Multiple tails/extra sets of limbs/abnormal body parts: Any genetic mutations or biological oddities will fall under the complexity fee.

Wings: Wings, no matter the type, will carry a complexity fee.

Antlers, Horns, Tusks, etc.: Any bony protrusions will most likely incur an additional complexity fee.

Muscles: Characters that require significant muscle definition will be considered complex. I will not draw unrealistic muscles.

On the contrary, chubby characters will not cost anything extra, but I do not want to draw anybody excessively overweight (nor will I entertain the fetishization of large body types).

Humans: I take special care when drawing humans, and as such, require additional payment to cover the extra time needed to draw them to my standard.

I will add to this list as more things come to mind.

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The following categories will carry a "specialty fee" of 50% on top of your base commission price:

Fanart - Anything fan-related will carry a specialty fee (this includes fan-characters). However, if the art you want from me has only canonical (official) characters in it, this fee is cut in half (25%). This discount does not apply to crossovers (i.e. Mario wearing Link's clothes).

Babyfur/Cub - I am okay with drawing INNOCENT images involving younger furries, but I will not draw an adult with childlike paraphernalia/diapers. I will never draw soiled diapers/scat/watersports (regardless of age). Sorry!

WARNING: Minors and sensitive individuals should ignore next section in red as it pertains to adult-oriented artwork!

NSFW/Adult Art - I know, sex is wonderful and great, and I'm flattered that you would want something like that from me, but let's try to keep it classy! I want to draw/paint some old-fashioned love-making, beautiful bodies (of all realistic shapes and sizes) and feel-good kinda stuff, not flat-out generic porn (which is too often devoid of real substance or emotion). I want the work to look convincing and natural. There's a distinction between intimate love scenes and sex just for the sake of sex (if you can't understand what I mean, then it is best that you find a different artist)! I feel that sexual situations can be depicted respectfully, tastefully and accurately to the characters, regardless if the content is Rule 34 or entirely original. LGBT? Solo? Poly? No problem, love is love and I am perfectly accepting of all forms. I will not, however, draw underage characters in adult situations. If you so much as bring up the subject with me I will likely block you. No extreme fetishes, please. The more vanilla, the better. Light bondage/size difference is okay! I will also accept some Rule 34 if I'm familiar with the franchise, but keep in mind that you will be charged two specialty fees to cover both fanart and adult categories. The percentages will be added together and applied to your baseline price. On this subject, I make one exception for tasteful nudity. I will not charge extra for tasteful nudity. This includes partially or fully exposed breasts and (sheathed/unerect) genitalia, so long as no fondling or other focus is placed on the exposed personal body parts in question (and no bodily fluids present whatsoever). This is important. If focus is on the exposed bits, rather than the character simply being nude in a casual fashion/setting, then the piece will be considered adult in nature. The tasteful nudity waiver does not apply to fanart or fan characters, unless the original work contained such tasteful nudity in the first place.

Note: You must be of legal age in order to purchase/view adult content.

You're not actually being charged more for these categories, rather, you're being offered less of a discount on them. My standard commission prices are all heavily discounted, since I am relying on being able to use them outside of work. Since the aforementioned categories are highly specialized, I cannot include them in my portfolio, nor display them at art shows. The additional fee helps me recoup some of this.

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These fees are accumulative, and they do add up. Again, the more complex the piece, the more time I have to spend on it. We also have to take into consideration that the more specifically catered the image is, the more distanced from mainstream it becomes. Therefore, I am left with less alternate methods of lowering the cost to you (such as offering prints of it at conventions). I'm trying to make the prices as fair as possible for both of us.

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As stated in my ToS, I own all rights to my artwork, commissioned or otherwise. If you require exclusive, commercial rights to any work that you want from me, your cost will be exactly five times the original quoted price. If you're serious about your project/business, then this will be a small number to you. This grants you full rights over the artwork in question, and you may reproduce/resell it indefinitely. I simultaneously relinquish my commercial rights to the artwork, but I maintain personal rights to include it in my portfolio and display it.

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All prices and percentages are subject to change.

I look forward to working with you.

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